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This is my first solo album!  It was recorded in 1986 at Seller Sound Studio. It was the first album I released that I wrote, sang, and played all of the instruments on.

1. Trying to Find Winners have to lose before they come around.

2. The Window
 My first political song about the brainwashing machine.

3. Time For Change
 Boy meets girl, boy leaves girl

4. There's Only You  This song was originally released on the Motor City Rocks album by the Detroit radio station WLLZ. 

5. Can't Stop Me Now  the only thing constant is change.

6. Feed The Hungry (Detroit Food Bank) • This song was written by request from a food bank in Detroit. It was for a campaign to help the hungry and the homeless. All the radio stations in Detroit at a given time played this song across the Detroit airwaves. There is a video out there with all the DJs singing while I played the piano. 

All songs Produced, Engineered, Performed, and Written by: Gary Spaniola • 1986

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