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This is my first solo album!  It was recorded in 1986 at Seller Sound Studio. It was the first album I released that I wrote, sang, and played all of the instruments on.

1. Trying to Find - Winners have to lose before they come around.

2. The Window - My first political song about the brainwashing machine.

3. Time For Change - Boy meets girl, boy leaves girl

4. There's Only You - This song was originally released on the Motor City Rocks album, by the Detroit radio station WLLZ. 

5. Can't Stop Me Now - the only thing constant is change.

6. Feed The Hungry (Detroit Food Bank) - This song was written by request from a food bank in Detroit. It was for a campaign to help the hungry and the homeless. All the radio stations in Detroit at a given time, played this song across the Detroit airwaves. There is a video out there with all the DJs singing while I played the piano. 

All songs Produced, Engineered, Performed, and Written by: Gary Spaniola

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