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1. Atom Dust • This track was written and recorded back in the late 80s. I was hired by NASA to write some music for a short video. I was very excited, as I grew up with posters of our planets hanging on my bedroom wall.

2. Atom Dance • My interpretation of atoms warming up. If you could remove all the space inside of the atoms in a human body, you would be left with a mass the size of a grain of salt. Now that's interesting.

3. Sunnyside • is the name of a country road that my wife Erica's brother Chris... did NOT live on! : )  When he passed away, I thought my emotions would lead me to write a sad song, but every time I thought of Chris, I could only recall him smiling and laughing… which delivered me the song Sunnyside - that nearby country road in West Virginia that Chris always liked the sound of... I know his new address is "Sunnyside."

4. Lyme Pie • maybe at a later date.

5. Entropia • See above.

6. Highpoint • those days when life just couldn't get any better!

7. Italian Sunset (AFS) • for my outstanding father.

8. Cruisin' the 335 • I just bought an old Gibson 335 guitar and like many of my instruments... songs live inside them. This song really does remind me of cruisin' on a warm sunny day.

9. Lucy Loop • It was a lot of fun working with different beats in this song. My son Trevor and I are singing at the end. He sounds just like me but better. ( ;

10. Italian Sunset (Reprise) • At the time, I was hoping to someday write and record a classical album... well, my next album, "Lost In Control," was just that. I still can't believe I accomplished it - it was a big goal. If I ever stop dreaming, I will stop achieving.

Entropy (Entropia)The word Entropy finds its roots in the Greek ENTROPIA, which means"a turning toward" or "transformation." The word is used to describe the measurement of disorder. A common example of Entropy is that of ice melting in water. The resulting change from formed to free, from ordered to disordered, increases the Entropy.  It usually refers to the idea that everything in the universe eventually moves from order to disorder, and Entropy is the measurement of that change. It was suggested that I give the album a title everyone could relate to. But Entropia really defined my return to music. Everything was freeform - no rules or record labels telling me what to do. I also thought people might be curious enough to research the meaning of the word. Never too late to learn something new.

All songs Produced, Engineered, Performed, and Written by: Gary Spaniola • 2019

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