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1. Soda In A Bottle (MDS)
This song was influenced by my older brother Michael. I remember talking to him about going back in time, when life was much easier. In those days, soda came in a glass bottle, and drive-in theaters were a big deal. One of his muscle cars was a blue GTO that he'd race on Woodward. It was a little before my time, but I lived vicariously through him. He is missed.
2. Sunrise Again
Insomnia can really be your enemy. If you think about it, it's your brain battling your mind - something I am a little too familiar with!
3. Shotdown
A fun little song Erica and I wrote many years ago. Going through my backlog of songs, I just had to bring this one to life. One of my favorites!
4. When I See You (EES)
Winds will change and tides will rise, but I will never change my mind... When I see you.  My song for my Erica. : )

5. Castle In The Sky
When your imagination runs wild, trees can grow on clouds! The melody and lyrics just flowed without hesitation on this song.

6. I'll Be Your Sidewalk
Written from the eyes of someone that stays in a relationship, even though it's not healthy.  (No, this is not about Erica! haha)

7. Heart Of Gold
Another song Erica and I wrote. I could not come up with a melody or lyrics for this one. We had the chorus but that was it. Erica wrote them an hour before she was supposed to sing. Amazingly clever... we had fun recording this one!

8. In Wonderland
Very deep, very sad, and very real. The larger you live life, the larger the loss.

9. Stand Tall
Love for America!

10. Beatles In 'G'
There will be no equal to the Beatles.

All songs Produced, Engineered, Performed, and *Written by: Gary Spaniola
*Shotdown and Heart of Gold, written by: Gary and Erica Spaniola - Beatles In G, written by: Lennon/McCartney

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