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While mixing this album "Lost In Control," I was flooded with ideas for a short story/movie. I am hoping to start work on this in the near future. It's a story about a young boy growing up, and all of the trials, tributes, and expectations that he encounters throughout life. 

1. Proud Peacock

While writing this song, I felt a positive energy - just like a proud peacock. 

2. Italian Sunset (AFS)
This is a very emotional song for me, as it reflects the warmth of my father.

3. Waterfall
The rebirth of a sad encounter.

4. Soul To Soul
One of my favorite songs. There is a part of my soul in here.

5. Morning, Lily
My daughter Shay brought this little gem into the world - my granddaughter Lily. I have been playing part of this song for years, but could never finish it… until Lily came along. I wrote the intro section to be like a little wind-up piano. If you haven't seen the video yet, please check it out on the video tab.

6. Color Of U
Not sure if I should make this public, but I get a feeling/aura when I meet people - a sense of color.  Almost like feeling colors. It's hard to explain. I don't want people to think I'm crazier than they already do.

7. Dreamdrops (TAS)
Wow! This song really touches me. I wrote this for my son Trevor. He’s smarter than I could ever dream to be and has an amazing soul. Love ya!

8. Potomac (River Of Swans)
As they wait to enter the battle.  Is it right, is it wrong, will we help others? God help us all.

9. The Imperial Ballroom
The achievement of the year, of the day, of the moment. Celebrate!

10. Italian Sunset Git (Demo)
This is the recording from my iPhone when I first wrote the song.

All songs Produced, Engineered, Performed, and Written by: Gary Spaniola

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